Beyond lists and numbers, we are all a part of God's story

As our church reads through the chronological Bible, I’m pretty aware that some of the sections we are in right now can be a bit confusing and tough to get through. I personally, have read through the Bible about 15 times. In the past, every time I read through certain parts of Leviticus, Chronicles, and Numbers (to name a few), I find myself a bit distracted and unfocused. But somehow, this time around, the Lord has given me some incredible grace and perspective to dig into it a little better. Here’s two things I’ve been focusing on this time around, as I read through long lists of genealogies, orders of worship, and ceremonial rituals.

  1. When it comes to lists of people, I’m reminded that every single person in that list is part of the story of God. Every name I read, God had his divine hand of Providence on them, and saw them through every season of life. He did this to bring about His purposes and glory.  I praise God that in the same way, his hand was on them, his hand is on you and me. 

  2. When it comes to all of the ceremonies and rituals, I am reminded more than ever of the grace of God on my life. Before Jesus, my sins completely separated me from God. A price had to be paid. A debt had to be paid. Blood had to be shed. People couldn’t even get close to God if they tried. And when they did try, they failed. And to see what they had to go through in order to worship a Holy, Sovereign God, makes me appreciate the cross all the more. Have you ever considered how much we would have to go through without the cross? Have you ever read through some of those rituals and ceremonies with this in mind? As you read, do so with a new appreciation and respect and awe for what Jesus has done for you and me.

I hope you can be encouraged as you read God‘s Word. Remember how Holy He is. Remember his Sovereign plan. Remember that His story goes from generation to generation. Remember how our sin has separated us. Remember the great extent God went in reconciling us back to Himself. And praise God we are able to receive all the benefits of the New Covenant as we walk in grace, forgiveness, and eternal life.

Whether you’ve been reading every single day, fallen behind a bit, or haven’t even started, why not dig in today?… God’s word is powerful and effective! It is food for your soul and you can know the heart of God.

His Word is a light unto our path,

Pastor Jason

Encounter Church