Welcome to the Encounter Youth Group // Grades 6 - 12

We meet first Sundays of the month during the 10am service. Students start in worship and then are dismissed for teaching and core groups. We also meet 2 Mondays a month in homes for Core Groups. Download our calendar for dates and locations.


I am sooo PROUD of all that God is doing with this crazy group! Each of you are showing individually what it looks like to be a radical disciple of Christ. The devil is trembling!! My heart for this season is that we fully commit to being the disciples Christ calls us to! When we are on fire for Jesus it becomes easier to be just like Him everyday!

This year, EYG, let’s get ready to receive the word of God and allow the Spirit to produce the fruits of it in  our own lives. Change is inevitable, but God is the same today, tomorrow and forever!! It is time to commit ourselves to a life changing God and become passionate followers of Christ. So when things get tough, we know our God is tougher!! 

As most know, my relationship with my twin was THE LAMEST for years (over 20 to be exact). For years, we sowed rude jokes, bad attitudes and mean glares. What did I reap… Hmm.. Let’s think. Black eyes. Pillows over our faces, and a whole lot of trouble from our parents. AND THEN, God got a hold of my heart! He began to teach me traits of a disciple and I started to pour encouragement, love and appreciation into him.  God changed my heart and began to change his heart too.  What have I reaped since? Friendship with my new bestfriend, and it all started with Jesus!!!

What we sow, we reap (Galatians 6:7-8) The more we sow sow the things of God this year,  the more we will reap the kingdom of God in our lives.  Now let’s be ready to dive into his word and learn how a disciple walks!! My challenge this year is to see all of us read through the Chronological bible in 2019 so we can see transformation in our lives like never before. And I KNOW we can do it!! 

LAST THING— who is actually ready for 2019? This will be the craziest year yet! With Winter Camp right around the corner (and we all know how life changing our time at Forest Home was) I need EVERYONE OF YOU signed up and ready to go no later than January 6 ! No man left behind means I want everyone person in those mountains come February 1 - 3. I give you permission to bug your parents about it. GO GO GO ;) Let’s make 2019 the best year yet!