Week 1: Longing for Jesus

Recall a Christmas when you were really excited to open up presents, but you had to wait until the right time to open them. Remember that feeling of anticipation and excitement? Remember counting down the minutes? Remember getting the gift in your hand and finally being allowed to open it?

Read Romans 5:5-11 together as a family.  

We receive reconciliation through God through Jesus Christ. Over the past few months, Encounter Church has been going through the book of Romans on Sunday mornings. Romans 5:5 speaks of knowing God to its fullest experience when the love of God is poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Not only did God pursue our reconciliation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and not only did God enable us to receive reconciliation through Jesus Christ, but also we exalt and rejoice in God through Jesus Christ.  Jesus enabled us to receive reconciliation and gave us the perfect gift.

Read Luke 2:22-38.   What were Simon and Anna longing for?  What did Jesus fulfill for them?  

What are you longing for?  How does longing for Jesus change every other area of our life.

Long for Jesus this Christmas. Receive the reconciliation that he purchased for you. Don’t leave that gift under the tree unopened. Open it and enjoy it.

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