Christmas Advent Devotional Introduction

This Christmas at Encounter, we are diligently and purposefully preparing our hearts and minds to pursue Jesus, who just over two thousand years ago came as our Messiah, our Savior, our King.

The weeks leading up to Christmas are called Advent which means “coming”.   In the same way that John the Baptist came to tell Israel to repent of their sins because a Savior was coming, Advent will build our anticipation for the Christmas story. All of Israel knew the prophecies and were awaiting the coming Messiah, but only those who were “Pursuing the King” found him.   They knew that everything they had been longing and looking for was found in Jesus.   It changed their lives so much so that they began loving him and living for him as well.

Here are four weekly devotions for you to do with your family.  Set aside time together each week to read the Christmas story together and adore Jesus.  Jeremiah 23:29 “Isn’t my Word like fire,’ says the Lord”.  As a family, gather around the fire and feel its warmth.  Hold up your Bible, God’s Word and picture it as fire.  See it sparkling with colors of grace. It is light for dark nights. It is healing for hurt hearts. It is the story of reconciliation between God and us.  

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