Welcome to the Encounter Youth Group // Grades 6 - 12

We meet first Sundays of the month during the 10am service. Students start in worship and then are dismissed for teaching and core groups. We also meet 2 Mondays a month in homes for Core Groups. Download our calendar for dates and locations.

I’ve got to tell you I am so pumped with what I see God doing in our youth group.   It gets me SO excited.  I see God moving, relationships forming and momentum building and it is contagious!   This fall, our entire Encounter Church is pressing into Encountering God and becoming passionate disciples of Jesus and Encounter Youth Group, I want to lead the charge.   I want the adults to look over and say, “Yes!  Look at what God is doing in our youth.”  That’s why, we are going to start sitting together on Sunday mornings as a youth group.   If you are not serving in children’s ministry, let’s sit in the main service and start worshipping together and listening to the message and together let’s push one another to become more passionate disciples of Jesus.

This fall, our church is launching a series called Goliath Must Fall.    This series takes a new perspective on the classic story of David and Goliath from the Old Testament.  You know the one, where a young boy faces a 20 foot tall giant with gnasty teeth, fangs, fowl breath and flexed muscles the size of Grand Canyon…okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but still you know what I am talking about.  This was a BIG giant!   And sometimes just like David, we feel like we are facing big giants in our lives. Giants like fear, rejection, comfort, addiction  and anger.   Giants that sometimes seem impossible to beat.   Well, this is because for too long we have positioned ourselves as David in the story.  We think we need or can defeat these giants.  But you see, Jesus is David in this story and Jesus has already defeated Goliath! He has already defeated our giants!  This fall, we will learn how to walk in the victory that Jesus has already bought for us.   This new series will be launching September 2 (we will all meet in the main service for this one), we will be teaching it in youth group on EYG Sundays AND the adults will be teaching it every Sunday in the main service.   Also, core groups on Monday nights we are going deal with these giants one by one.  I promise you will see freedom and victory this fall. Don’t miss it!

And there’s more!   Nights of worship, a Wacky Leader Hunt (more details to come), our annual Taco Bell Christmas Party,  Winter Camp for Junior High and High School  February 1 - 3 (Only $230 until November 1 and then the price will go up $250) AND a new youth group t-shirt and sweatshirts! 

Are you ready EYG!?!? Because here we go……

Your wacky, Jesus-loving EYG Leaders


Winter Camp

February 1 - 3, 2019
Grades 6 - 12

Forest Home
40000 Valley of the Falls Dr Forest Falls, CA 92339

Sundays 10am - Goliath Must Fall