Pastor Jason & Julie Carson

Senior Pastor

After God Himself, there is nothing I love more on this earth than my family. My wife, who is my best friend, hero, and love of my life, got married in 1998. We have 4 beautiful children: Halley, Lucy, Janey, and Shane. They all have the same middle name (Jae for the girls and Jay for the boy) named after the first letter of our first child: Joy Emma Carson - who went to be with Jesus at 40 weeks pregnancy. Toughest thing weโ€™ve ever faced, and yet God was faithful every single step of the way to hold us as we held fast to Him.

Matt Morginsky and I started the OC Supertones in 1991. I left in 2000 when God called me to be a Youth Pastor.

In June 2014, God called me to plant a church in Mission Viejo. Encounter Church launched Sunday, March 22, 2015.