Pastor Jason & Julie Carson

Senior Pastor

After God Himself, there is nothing I love more on this earth than my family. My wife, who is my best friend, hero, and love of my life, got married in 1998. We have 4 beautiful children: Halley, Lucy, Janey, and Shane. They all have the same middle name (Jae for the girls and Jay for the boy) named after the first letter of our first child: Joy Emma Carson - who went to be with Jesus at 40 weeks pregnancy. Toughest thing we’ve ever faced, and yet God was faithful every single step of the way to hold us as we held fast to Him.

Matt Morginsky and I started the OC Supertones in 1991. I left in 2000 when God called me to be a Youth Pastor.

In June 2014, God called me to plant a church in Mission Viejo. Encounter Church launched Sunday, March 22, 2015.